The Beauty Of Natural Sounds Around Us…

By Kudrat Sekhon

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“The Earth has music for those who listen,” said George Santayana.

Our lives would not be the same without music. Sounds of nature are fascinating since they are not always played on a music system. We constantly encounter it since we are surrounded by nature all the time, and it plays a crucial role in our lives. The way that nature exposes us as people is peculiar. Every hour of the day and the advent of a new season are signaled by a special piece of music. For instance, many people use a rooster’s loud crowing to signal the beginning of the day, which serves as an alarm clock. Seasons can be identified by paying close attention to the noises made by animals. For example, it is a common belief that the arrival of monsoons is indicated by the loud croaking of frogs, and when the koel stops singing, it means that the season of spring has ended. All these sounds have a profound effect on a human being, and the following are the ain benefits of listening to the sounds and music of nature:

  • Relaxation of mind: Our minds need a break from gadgets. Phones, laptops, computer screens, television etc. take up a lot of our time. It is very important to spare one hour away from technology and go out for a walk wherein you allow yourself to observe nature. Chirping of birds can be relaxing and it leads to release of the happy hormones in our brain.
  • Awareness of surroundings: By going out for leisure walks in the woods or even in a park, one can observe nature and learn a lot from it. It is a must to know about birds that are there in your immediate area, so that you can recognize them from the voice. Birds are beautiful and very intelligent creatures. By learning all about the birds that inhabit your surroundings, you might develop the habit of feeding them as well as interacting with them.
  • Improves focus: It can be relaxing to hear birds singing, frogs croaking, or just to be completely silent in the woods. You may be able to focus better on your academics and have better concentration as a result. You can strengthen your ability to concentrate by paying close attention to the sounds of the bird chirping.
  • Recognition of animals through their sounds: Understanding and being familiar with the sounds of various animals is a wonderful place to start if you want to increase your general understanding of them. Using a book with buttons for many types of animals and their sounds, young children frequently begin learning about numerous types of sounds through it.
  • Connect with nature in a new way: Ringtones of our phones often replicate sounds that have been taken from nature. Consciously or unconsciously, all of us want to stay as close to nature as possible. By going for a walk in the forest, we can do that without any help from the gadgets. Listen to all kinds of sounds carefully to.

Therefore, music is all around us. Due to the easy availability of music on our gadgets, we have completely forgotten about the melodious music that nature provides us for our entertainment as well as relaxation. To improve and better understand natural sounds, you can play a sound detective game to expand knowledge and skills. This will make you more knowledgeable about animal sounds and bring you closer to nature.

The chirping of the birds, the rustling of the leaves, and the flowing of a river through a forest all have a meditative tone to them; you just have to have patience and lend an ear. Give yourself five minutes of complete silence, and you will realize what beautiful things nature has in store for us. It has been rightly said by a wise man, “Heaven is under our feet as well as our heads.”

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