Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

By Nivedita Jayshankar

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The above is a perfect quote to define music.

Music doesn’t only refer to a song or a melody; it’s energy, a mood, an atmosphere, and a feeling.

Musicians can change the world with their wonderful tunes and creative melodies. Music has immense power in our lives. It can be something you love and want to pursue, and it can also be something to calm you down. Music means something different to everybody. To me, music is to express my emotions through songs, explore genres of music, and find my creativity through writing songs.

I feel that writing songs can be therapeutic. My journey to discover that songwriting is a true passion was very different. One thing I knew was that I loved writing, whether it was articles, poems, or stories. I always loved sharing my insights. As soon as I started performing songs, I started creating my melodies and tunes and soon found myself incorporating my writing skills with melodies filling my head. Now, songwriting may not be for everyone, but you could always give it a shot in your free time or when trying to find a hobby during the summer.

Music is not only about listening to songs you like; it can also benefit your health. Research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory. If you are a very restless or agitated person, it is proven that calming music can automatically settle your mind. For those of you who don’t know, there is something called music therapy, which mainly focuses on reducing stress, improving your qualities in life, and teaching you to accomplish goals and make your future goals clear through the power of music.

I believe music is also a reflection of an individual’s personality. The type of songs, the genres, and the preference to perform as a part of a band, sing solo, or be a songwriter all reflect who you are as an individual.

Music is hard work! It’s not like one where you wake up and are magically amazing at music, whether it is playing instruments or singing; it does require dedication, passion, and a lot of creativity.

When I wrote my first song, “In My Dreams,” it was hard to find the perfect words to make the song feel complete, but when I wrote my second song, “Unforgettable,” it was like a flow of lyrics and so many different melodies, tunes, and ideas all in my head. Sometimes it takes a month for me to finish a song; sometimes I am done in a week or even a day. In the end, seeing all the jumbled notes and pitches come together is worth it. Now to all the upcoming musicians: “Go create your music realm.”