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Saayuri - Discovering the story-writer within me!


We are stoked to present to you the journey of 9 year old Saayuri Karmarkar. An avid writer, she started writing stories a few years back. She discovered the child-writer in her after a few stories and during CoVid, her entire family would eagerly wait for "Story-Nights" Saturdays - where Saayuri would unveil her latest story to her parents and grandparents, who would listen in awe and wonder! Inspired by her regular story-writing, the Karmarkars decided to self-publish Bouncy's Adventures - a compilation of Saayuri's stories. Saayuri has participated multiple times in wizkidscarnival's Tell Ur Tale challenges and has also won prizes for her fun and imaginative stories! Watch the video to hear Saayuri talk about her story-writing journey in more detail! If you want to know more about her journey and how her parent's discovered and nurtured this spark, please let us know!

By Saayuri Karmarkar



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