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  • Vol.14, May 2023 Issue
Kids Carnival
Kids Carnival
June Contests


Green Noise and It’s Effect


By Kudrat Sekhon


Inspiring Walls


By Ujjawal Dhanda

Embrace Your Kid’s Curiosity


By Geetanjali

Why do we have day and night? Why is the sky blue in color? Does my brain sleep when I sleep? Why does mixing colors make new colors? Why do I feel woozy in my stomach when a plane takes off? These are just some of the innumerable questions that kids ask adults day in and day out. Read more


An exclusive section on acclaimed literary figures penned by our judges!


Importance of Learning Sanskrit

By Sampada Kulkarni

Pursuing Passion

By Kokila Gupta

The Kaleidoscope


Spot the difference

(Spot five Differences)

Unscramble The Words

Form as many words as possible from the
alphabets given below based on Mothers' day!

Head Scratcher

Head Scratcher
  • I play sweet, high melodies - to you I might suit.A piccolo's cousin, but I am a _____
  • ln orchestras I like to be the one who has fun.Timpani or conga - I still am a ____
  • My music is lovely and will have you smiling,I’m played' with a bow. I am the ____
  • They strum me or pick me and play lots of songs,Then put me in a case and take me along.I’m a _____
  • I’m made of wood and come in different sizes.My music makes lots of terrific surprises!I’m a _____
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Did you know?


Helen Parr (The Incredibles)
Helen Parr (The Incredibles)
  • Helen Parr, known by the superhero name "Elastigirl" in the golden age of super heroism, is a resourceful and dexterous supermom.
  • Mrs. Incredible is the epitome of the working mother, giving her all to maintain a healthy, happy family while she maintains a demanding career.
  • Her Powers – She is charismatic and has other cool powers - including martial arts, acrobatics, medicine, stealth and military science. She has super strength and can stretch up to 300 feet!!!
  • Another power which viewers miss is that she can launch up to 80 feet in the air, can shapeshift and create a parachute out of her own flesh.
  • She is a quick thinker, resourceful and one of the least destructive superheroes. Strangely all moms are just the same 😃.
  • What can we learn from her? Apart from solid lessons on parenting, Helen teaches us that – ‘If you have the desire and power to create change in the world, you should always go for it and follow your heart’.

Twist, Turn & Fold

Origami Earth

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India’s Pride

Monica Singh

Math Fun

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Did you know?


Borax Crystals
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Identify the Famous Forts Of India
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No Flame Cooking

Enjoy your summer with this nutritious and refreshing smoothie

WKC Recommends

Your bedtime read books that would make you more creative
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