The Magic Of – “You Can Do It” & “All The Best”

By Geetanjali Padoshi

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We often use the above phrases to motivate or encourage people to achieve simple tasks or gigantic goals. They are the culmination and recognition of many things along with the hope of attainment of the desired objective like –

  • Recognising the efforts taken by the individual
  • Expressing confidence in the individual’s ability
  • Giving strength and reinforce self-belief
  • Pushing the individual to look past the vulnerabilities and focus on the goal
  • Accepting the challenges endowed and acknowledging the individual’s mindset to still carry on
  • Giving credence to all the hard work put in and wishing for a positive outcome
  • Letting one know of the support they have in all spheres physical, mental or emotional

Simple terms like the above do wonders for uplifting the spirits of anyone. We see its usage in simple things like when a child learns to ride a bicycle, play a musical instrument, gives his first exam, participates in a sports event etc. Yet, the greatest impact of these can be felt in the most important aspect of any student’s life – ACADEMICS.

Exams are looked upon as a means of testing the child’s capability to imbibe, apply and reproduce all that’s taught. Students gives exams throughout out the year in the form of periodic tests, half yearly, annual exams, internal assessment, class participation and so on. There are some exams which are more important than others. They have an everlasting impact on the student’s life, yes – 10th & 12th Board exams.

These exams are not given only by the student but by the entire family. The main part of studying and giving the exam is done by the child. The parents slog throughout this year providing the additional infrastructure in terms of extra class arrangements, its transportation, nutritional food intake, discussions & teaching wherever possible, ensuring a stress free and calm atmosphere at home conducive for better concentration and so on.

The preparation of these exams begins in the previous classes itself. The amount of importance attached to these leads to stress build up, nervousness, self-doubt in many. THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC OF “YOU CAN DO IT” & “ALL THE BEST” COMES IN.

They help the child in overcoming the anxiety of the boards, reassuring that they are not alone battling it out, do away with the self-doubt, and renew the efforts again that might have taken a hit due to all the negativity. Saying these to the kids doesn’t cost us anything but it gives them that little push, little solace, little nudge, little comfort that they seek.

A thumbs up, a smile, a firm handshake, a hug, a pat on the back or head let them know of the immense love they are surrounded with. They have a domino effect wherein one small positive thought takes them to their ultimate goal of doing well in these exams.

A child may know a subject but the exam jitters set in a vicious cycle of confusion, chaos and poor performance. In times like these the mention of these phrases by the parents, peers, teachers put the child at ease, helps them to regain the lost focus and confidence and ensures that the toiling of many months is fructified into a stellar performance.

Similarly, when the child gets caught in the trap of feeling that he has not done enough or should give up mid-way, these phrases help them to get back in the groove of “this is achievable, I can tackle this and start afresh.”

Let’s make it our mission to pass on this positivity to as many students as possible and contribute in our own small way in their success.

Wizkids wishes all the students of Std 10th & 12th –

All the best!!!

We believe,

You Can Do It!!!

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