Rainy Season – Smiles, Frowns and a lot more!

By Geetanjali Padoshi

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Ah, the rainy season. The time of year when nature adorns a carpet of green, and the skies boast shades of grey to black. Changes around the household with kids looking forward to some fun time while a sense of dread and worry by the poor parents is a common phenomenon.

The kids dream of playing in the puddles with friends, walking in the rain with umbrellas or in raincoats, making paper boats and playing with them in the water, and a lot of TV time, and school holidays on account of heavy rains. The parents, on the other hand, brace themselves for wet clothes, runny noses, and keeping the kids engaged indoors. But fear not! With a little humor and creativity, parents can turn these soggy shenanigans into memorable adventures.

  1. The Umbrella Tryst
  2. A must for the rainy season. Yet, with kids, they become an item of instant intrigue. From making temporary forts in the house and stacking things inside it to wracking brains to open them inside out and forgetting them at the last place of visit is a common sight. So also, using them as weapons in mock duels to dancing with them as a prop are familiar scenarios

    The fun for kids becomes a headache for the other party – the parents. The parents however could change this one into an engaging fun game by asking the kids to maintain the umbrella in intact condition for a stipulated time and add a small snack reward at the end of it. Food motivation works like none other.

  3. The Rainy Gear Shopping
  4. Indulge with the kids in buying their choice of rainy gear like gum boots, raincoats, backpack covers etc. For the younger lot, the possession of a product of choice becomes an enriching experience and reduces the chances of greater wear and tear. For the pre-teens and teens buying such things assures them of making the hep choice that’s in trend along with the instant social media uploads.

  5. Solving the puddle jump indulge conundrum
  6. The most exciting thing kids look forward to in this season is to play in the puddles. Jumping in the muddy waters is exhilarating. The place does not matter – on the road, in the backyard, the playground anything is acceptable. Parents fret over ensuring that they stop their kids from doing so. Yet, doing so cautiously like covering the kids in proper rain gear or taking proper post-enjoyment hygiene would make both parties happy. Is it not so?

  7. Managing the house confinement periods
  8. Rainy season compels all kids to stay indoors and this might lead to frustration. Parents need to find innovative ways to make this go away. The easiest one is to hand them over digital devices. However, no parent would like to do it willingly for long periods. Engaging in activities like an indoor treasure hunt or what’s the good word or dumb charades would make up for a quality time spend.

  9. The I am Bored Syndrome
  10. There is no escape to this, especially in the rainy season due to multiple factors of inability to play outdoors, humid or cold weather, or setting in of lethargy that transforms into “ what to do next”, “ there is nothing to play”, “ I just want to do nothing”.
    This would be the perfect time to indulge in some never-before-done activities that would entertain the kids too. Fun-filled activities like baking, tending to plants, some fun science experiments, karaoke singing, and a dance party can bring smiles to many.

  11. A rainy day picnic
  12. A must-do activity during the season. Soaking up the mesmerizing nature, having hot snacks under an umbrella or a long journey in the rainy season are some ways to make the season happening for kids.

    The rainy season has its fair share of woes in the form of soaked clothes, seasonal ailments, and travel restrictions, yet little things can help us positively embrace the season.

    In today’s busy lives, where everyone is tied to the clock and daily rigmarole, a heavy shower that brings life to a standstill can be utilized positively to have fun and create new memories.

    So next time the clouds roll in, embrace the chaos, splash in those puddles, and create lasting memories with your kids. After all, a little rain never hurt anyone—and it just might bring a lot of laughter.