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By Aryaa Sridar

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Our moms insist on the water bottles at school and checking on us regularly about our water intake, we always shrug and wonder: “Why should I drink water, even when I’m not thirsty?” Well, they are only trying to keep us hydrated. You will be surprised at the list of goodness the water can bring to us physically and mentally.

Drinking water is crucial for numerous reasons. Water contains minerals, like sodium and potassium, which provide the elements and nutrients required to perform the essential tasks of our body.

Water regulates the overall body temperature by dissipating the heat. If the body is too hot, the water evaporates in the form of sweat thereby losing the heat. Hence the need for replenishing.

Stay Hydrated Boy

Water also keeps the joints lubricated, prevents infections, and keeps the organs functioning properly.

The brain is an organ, which is made up mostly of water. When sweating continuously for 90 minutes or above, the brain loses some of its water through sweat causing it to shrink. This results in a loss of cognitive function and hence, continuous hydration is required. Water keeps the brain active and energetic enhancing our thought and memory processes.

Stay Hydrated Brain

Drinking water before sleep can improve our mood and sleep quality, thereby enhancing our cognitive skills.

It is quite interesting to think how the doctors and scientists have discovered these benefits pretty recently, but our ancestors knew these things hundreds of years before we could scientifically prove them. So, the next time when someone asks you to drink water and keep yourself hydrated, you should actually thank them for reminding you. They deserve your gratitude.


Kokila Gupta

Kokila Gupta nurtures a deep love for nature, literature and simplicity.

She has a Master's degree in Immuno-Parasitology and Education, and has been a lecturer at Post Graduate College, has worked as a Government Teacher, and as HOD, Life Science in a reputed Intermediate Institute. At present she enjoys her role as Online Freelance Educator and a Wellness Coach.

Her poetry and prose has been widely published in anthologies, literary sites and magazines, bringing awards and appreciation both.

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