Compete to instill Self-Development


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“Competition is a good thing; it forces us to do our best!” Nancy Pearcey

But the cut-throat competition of today? Well, I feel differently about the same!

Growing up during times when opportunities were ample while takers were much lesser gave me immense confidence while exploring them.

As a child, I remember participating in literally every competition in school. My parents always encouraged me to do my best. My mother made sure she worked with me to get me those award-winning positions!

I realized the importance of oratory skills in my student life. We are social beings. For us, communication is the key! Having a point of view is not enough. Knowing how to share the same is equally important. Ample opportunities available at school back in those days helped me chisel my oratory skills by participating in debates, elocutions and recitals. Being a sales and marketing native today, I understand how I benefited from those exposures as a child.

Today, when I am a mother, I want my child to have similar experiences and exposure. However, with changing times, many of my contemporary parents also realize the importance of such extracurricular activities. Schools are kind enough to judicially try and give an opportunity to all their students in one way or another! Owing to a better understanding of the need for the same and more children participating, each child gets an opportunity to experience different things instead of being able to choose their extracurricular activity.

Knowing the importance of oratory skills, I strived to make my child participate in all the oratory competitions at school. Soon I realized that the same child could not participate in the same extracurricular activity each time as the school needs to accommodate all the interested children. That is a fair deal from the School perspective, but I struggled to find ways to let my child participate in such competitions more often!

Around this time, I came across wizkidscarnival online and started following their list of competitions. I was pleased to see the oratory competition as a regular feature in their list of competitions conducted every month. I knew that this certainly is one of the best platforms my child could get to explore and chisel her oratory skills. Not only would she be judged by an esteemed panel but also be a part of a PAN INDIA initiative!

Today, not just me but my child also look forward to the competition eagerly. We have moved a step ahead by not just working on her oratory skills but self-development of her content for the topics too!

Thank you for providing such a great platform and understanding the need of the hour!

By Bhavna Saxena, Pune


Kokila Gupta

Kokila Gupta nurtures a deep love for nature, literature and simplicity.

She has a Master's degree in Immuno-Parasitology and Education, and has been a lecturer at Post Graduate College, has worked as a Government Teacher, and as HOD, Life Science in a reputed Intermediate Institute. At present she enjoys her role as Online Freelance Educator and a Wellness Coach.

Her poetry and prose has been widely published in anthologies, literary sites and magazines, bringing awards and appreciation both.

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