When life comes full circle!

By Himanshu Nimbhorkar

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“There was a big fire in our other house. All our chairs burned. So did our sofa and so did everything else.” Rosa says.

A tragic fire accident burns down the entire house of a sweet loving family, the trio – little Rosa, her mother and grandmother, settle along a new found place in the absence of any comfort, kind neighbors lend a helping hand by dropping in whatever necessary amenities needed including some furniture here and there, but nothing that’s soft and comforting. Eventually Rosa, along with her mother and grandmother, save coins day in and day out, with a heartfelt desire to buy a new chair for her mother to rest upon at the end of her long tiresome day working as a waitress. Every penny, every little contribution adds up, and one day the jar goes full. And finally the search for the ideal chair begins.

The hugely adorable and heartwarming book ‘A chair for my mother’ by Vera Baker Williams takes us back to the days filled with innocence, kindness and never ending love. The writing emphasizes upon the sense of belongingness, family and community bonding.

Born in Hollywood, California; Williams was a celebrated children’s writer and illustrator. Her books and writings deal with simple mundane life and the tender nature of childlike innocence. Progressive and open minded approach to world building makes her readers engage with the ever widening horizons of human nature in its purest sense.

‘Chair for my mother’ was followed by ‘Something special for me’ and ‘Music, music for everyone’, where the titular character Rosa returns and spreads joy left, right and center. ‘Cherries and cherry pits’, ‘Lucky song’ and ‘More more more said the baby’ along with a few other titles add up to Williams’ terrific body of work.

Author’s real life influences found a way into her writings. Reportedly during the terrifying phase of Depression, her family lost their home and had to inevitably relocate. Turning such tragic episodes of life into a heartwarming tale filled with hope, optimism and love teaches us all quite a lot. So much so that it need not necessarily be restricted to a mere set of words. These are feelings. These are emotions. In their most unadulterated form.

Williams, along with her writings, has also contributed to society in multiple different ways, by taking a stand against anti-war, anti-violence and all kinds of anti-humanitarian activities, time and again. As an artist in its truest sense, through her books, illustrations and her humanitarian causes, she has helped society and the world we reside become a comparatively better and a kinder place to look upto.

‘The passion to teach, to share deeply experienced “lessons from life,” is embedded in all literature’ Williams states, and inspires kids and adults alike.

“Finally we found the chair we were all dreaming of. And the money in the jar was enough to pay for it.”

And thus, life comes full circle!

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