The beautiful artworks across the Asian continent

By Kudrat Sekhon

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Artworks are often influenced by the geographical location of a place. For example, Punjabi art forms in India and those in Pakistan are identical. The Tibetan influence may be observed in Nepalese and Bhutanese artworks, which brings to the front that art knows no boundaries and has the capacity to please everyone. Art has the capability of making a place famous all over the world. While Maldives is famous for the lacquer work, Sri Lankan artists are well known for their Batik technique all over the world.

  • Bhutan and Nepal: Thangka paintings are very famous in countries like Nepal and Bhutan. This artform has Tibetan influence. The canvas is unconventional as it is prepared with silk and cotton. Then a sketch is made by the artists followed by the outline of sacred figures. Pigments from minerals are used to add colour. For embellishments, gold leaf is used in the paintings. The brushwork is very fine and detailed which makes the work appear more detailed.
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  • Maldives: The most famous artform of Maldives is a combination of carving and painting. Lacquer work involves intricate carving designs onto wooden surfaces or ornaments. Layers of lacquer are applied on the surface followed by polishing. Artists use vibrant colours to enhance the appearance and complement the work.Use of bright colours is a common feature in all the artworks that are practised in the Asian continent. Bright paints, fine brushwork and bright papers are used by artists extensively.
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  • Sri Lanka: Batik technique is a technique of dyeing cloth. The technique includes three steps, namely, waxing, dyeing, and scraping. The wax is first applied to create designs on a sketched area of the fabric. The fabric is then dyed, wax is removed and the fabric is left behind with a beautiful design etched on it. The technique is also followed in Southern states like Tamil Nadu, and Chennai.Yet another example of how art knows no boundaries and can become a common connection between two countries.The techniques have evolved with time as screen printing is now used to create beautiful designs.
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  • Pakistan: In Pakistan, the talent of artists is clearly exhibited on trucks and buses. Truck art and calligraphy is taken very seriously in Pakistan. Yes, beautifully decorated trucks with glittery tassels hanging from the side view mirrors and funny yet smart quotes written on the different sides of the truck is a sheer spectacle. The beautifully written poetry in Urdu and Punjabi that are usually comic in nature add to the experience of travelling. The best part is the horns that mimic the tune of famous songs.
  • Japan: The art of folding paper and making interesting figures is something that fascinates everyone from a young age. The Japanese have mastered the art of taking a simple square sheet of paper and making geometric wonders out of it.The artists draw lines on paper and fold the paper accordingly at perfect angles to resemble a shape or a thing. It is a perfect example of how your ideas can be combined with geometric rules and when these rules are applied smartly, beautiful things can be created.Art needs immense patience, and coordination and allows us to appreciate beauty in simplicity.
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From complementing beautiful carvings with colourful designs and fine brushwork, to depicting Gods and Goddesses in paintings, art in the continent is like a magical storybook.

In this article, we have learned that art knows no boundaries and art as well as culture bind people together. Every work of art tells a tale; therefore, traditional works of art have religious as well as mythological significance which serves not only an aesthetic purpose but also an educative one. Years of practice and complete dedication is required to become a seasoned artist because it is only then that you can master the skill and become a renowned artist in the world.

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