The Wizard of Oz

By Geetanshi

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The adventures undertaken by Dorothy and her friends in this book, The Wizard of Oz, were fantastic. It is the first action book /novel that I have enjoyed reading.

A children’s book with high fantasy, magic, and wizardry. L. Frank Baum, the author of this book, also wrote 17 further books about the Wizard of Oz. There have been numerous film adaptations of the narrative. The most well-known ones were created in 1939 and 2013. He desired to create a mysterious, imaginative, and magical fairy tale.

The Wizard of Oz tells the tale of a journey to a fantastical fairyland. There is a cyclone at the start and Dorothy’s home is transported to the land of Oz by the cyclone. I had a wonderful time reading this interesting book. It is based on exploring what comes next – just like suspense.

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