The Phantom Tollbooth by Nortan Juster: A Book Review


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Have you ever wanted to sit back on your rocking chair, sip on some milkshakes and get your full dose of fantasy and adventurous reads? Well then, I have the perfect book for you, dear avid reader. The title of the book is “The Phantom Tollbooth”. This book, written by Nortan Juster, takes you to the world of your dreams with each and every chapter. One can clearly see into the eyes of Milo, the main character, as he takes his journey through unknown lands to complete his mission.

Milo is a young boy, who finds nothing interesting, literally nothing. He just mulls through life like he has nothing to do with it. But, one fine day, he receives a parcel. He opens it, hoping that it would be something that could kindle a little bit of interest. Milo follows the instructions in the box and sets up a “Tollbooth”. Oh! That’s where the adventures begin for Milo – from the land of doldrums, where boredom is the chief occupation to Dictionopolis where you can taste words, and finally to Digitopolis where numbers are mined. Nortan Juster, the author, does not forget to add Humour to each and every page.

This book is definitely a good way to enhance creativity and imagination in young readers as for sure it will open new doors of thought. Personally, I was impressed by the vocabulary used in this book.

Happy reading!

By Aryaa Sridar

Shruti Divecha

Shruti Divecha

Shruti Divecha is a professional writer for various newspapers, magazines and online publications. She writes feature and lifestyle articles, reviews, travel, mythology and GK nuggets. She also writes for a pan India Braille magazine. She has an MBA and a Masters degree in Animation and Design, both from USA. Additionally she is a qualified Steiner Education teacher, a certified Jolly Phonics and a Jolly Grammar educator. Before choosing the writing profession, Shruti was heading the graphic and textile design department in her mother’s Home Furnishings Export House and Factory.

The company was one of top exporters of soft furnishing’s and made-ups in India having clients like large European Departmental stores. She currently is a full time educator and conducts classes for children in Creative writing and English Enrichment. You can connect with her at

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