STEM – A fantastic tool for holistic development

By Aryaa Sridar

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“I do not fix problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves.” – Louise Hay.

A powerful quote that will make one wonder and ponder on whether it is really possible to fix his/her thinking. What if I tell you that we can consciously learn and inculcate the process of determinedly arriving at the solutions rather than focusing on the problem, would you not be intrigued to know more? Well, STEM is known to be the magical spell , rather a tool that can make this happen.

To be honest, I too had the same inquisitiveness, when I first heard about STEM a few years ago. Since then, I have explored a lot about this topic and it never seizes to amaze me. It has created a curiosity and willingness to understand the things around me clearer and better. The best part of STEM is I could directly relate and apply it to my everyday activities too.

STEM is an acronym for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. As the name suggests, it relates to innovation, problem solving , critical thinking and reasoning. Wait! Aren’t these attributed to logic and the left side of our brain? As humans, who need to survive through many problems and situations. Lo and behold! STEM delivers with all the skills you need. It directs us to the path of critical thinking and offers different pathways to arrive at the best possible solution.

A judge will have to factor in all scenarios, situations, equations, evidences, laws and sections of IPC etc., before delivering a verdict. This is an example of critical thinking. Of course, some are quite natural at it. But believe me STEM education can and will point us all towards the ability to analyze, evaluate, reason, decide and solve complex problems. This experimental learning through logical understanding of the concepts is the best possible method of imparting knowledge.

Children like us are able to grasp concepts with extreme ease which seemed quite difficult and complex for our age. STEM offers a strong foundation to students of all grades, promotes experimentation and application of the concepts learned, helping them to carry the knowledge with them forever, which is quite exemplary. Over and beyond, STEM is known for exercising our logic to extents where we start thinking like Sherlock Holmes.

As opposed to the traditional approach and learning, STEM guides children to use their creativity and take an innovative approach towards a problem across different fields including history , geography and art which are in general considered as boring and tiring. When children like us draw correlations, form opinions and then make informed decisions, we are progressing not only as independent thinkers but also as confident individuals.

STEM keeps the entire classroom engaged with tools such as AI and VR. Students get to play active role in learning, test their hypotheses, make connections and arrive at their conclusions. It makes sure all the children contribute and are given equal opportunities. Creating curiosity and encouraging inquisitiveness are the main goals thereby driving the children towards analytical and logical reasoning and thinking. Children are exposed to the advancement of technology in a positive environment and are driven to be future ready.

Many schools and colleges require a lot of entrance tests which in turn requires tons of preparation both technically and academically over many years. STEM education is a wholesome package that paves the path to build a better aptitude in children and crack these tests with little effort compared to the rote learning method.

Now, if you can scroll up and read the quote at the beginning, it would all make sense and the
With all these advantages and rewards to its side, there is no doubt that STEM learning impacts and improves our logical thinking to a greater extent. STEM has cultivated a huge group of intellectuals already and is definitely not related to any particular age group. The more we embrace STEM education, the more we better the future of our generation and many more to come thereby guaranteeing a better future for this beautiful world.

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