By Medini Padoshi

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What is Science & Technology I wonder, its importance for us something to ponder?

Enabler & enhancer of life they say, shaped man’s journey in an unfathomable way.

As I look around, I see it everywhere, its absence makes life difficult to bear.

Research, Wikipedia, and Google are my buddies, aiding me in my projects and studies.

Online payment, the mode of paying fees, spares parents from hassles and long queues.

School transport with RFID tags keeps track, of our journey to school and back.

Study apps connect parents and teachers virtually, my growth cruises as all work harmoniously.

Not only for students but for all masses and crowds, its impact has increased by leaps and bounds.

Communications, food, entertainment, and traveling, life is alive and clicking.

Rapid business, information hassle-free; more time for self and pursue hobbies.

From computer designing to farming; digitalization is a blessing.

Plastic money and cryptocurrencies; it’s now easy to face emergencies.

Healthcare and nutrition are accessible for everyone; bringing the world in unison.

Yet, is life better with Science & Technology; what’s its impact on quality of life and ecology?

It’s made us lazy, impatient, agitated; and put life and our planet under duress.

Increase in cybercrimes; an incessant warning bell that chimes.

Technology is engulfing every walk of life; making the world a chaotic, tough place to survive.

The catalyst for depression, addiction, and anxiety; violence & loss of sobriety.

Too much of it is proving to be a bane; a bombardment of information causing stress and pain.

Diminishing the line between fantasy and reality; the young generation falling prey to its monstrosity.

It can be a boon if used wisely; can augment our lives exponentially.

If used for control and power; can be a weapon to make us insipid and weaker.

A Panacea or Pandora’s Box or it can be; the choice lies with you and me.

Let us be wise and make rational decisions; let Science and Technology be a harbinger of happiness and gratification.