My Take on Book Reviews

By Sharvanth S

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Book reviews are a dynamic way to learn about a book, the gist of its context, and how it’s been written. They allow you to learn about the book from previous readers, their experience with it, and the emotions that they associate with it. As an avid reader myself, book reviews have been a great source of information that allows me to explore various genres and writings while sticking to the style I prefer.

This proves how much a book review has an impact on the book itself. Only when the book in itself is appealing, do the readers tend to share it with others, which effectively increases the number of people reading the book and a positive return for the author.

But, when it comes to exploring books based on their book reviews, there are quite a few things that one should look forward to, and look away from. These points help in effectively choosing a book based on its review and give credit where it’s due. I have come across these myself, which have helped me choose an appropriate book based on my liking.

The foremost thing one needs to look into is to make sure the book one is searching for suits an individual’s reading style. As an enthusiastic reader who loves adventures and mysteries, I would look out for aspects of mystery in the book. Moreover, one should also make sure the author has a writing style that one prefers to read.
A book review that is articulate and gives a balanced view of the book’s strengths and weaknesses is often a pointer to deciding whether to delve into reading the book or not.

The next thing to look into while reading a book review is to explore a host of reviews before reading a book. It gives a clear understanding of different perspectives surrounding the book, but it shouldn’t be taken too far. An Over-excessive book review reading can spoil the plot of the book beforehand, which makes it uninteresting to read.

Reviews that give some information about the author’s other works also help one in knowing the range of genres in which the author’s work exists. This helps in venturing into a new reading genre.

It is not only what one needs to look for in a book review. The knowledge of things or aspects to avoid or the red flags also helps one in maximizing the utility of a book review. While preferences might change from person to person I’m usually offended by the super long book reviews that cover the entire story into it, spoiling what is to come. Reviews that over-explain everything and tell everything about the book must strictly be avoided.

A review that has vague or generic statements does little to decide on whether to read or not. Such reviews do more harm than help by confusing the readers.

Moreover, book reviews that exaggerate about the book indeed put me off. Especially those who never point out the negative aspects. A book review must contain a well-structured viewpoint of the reader, which must include both the positives and negatives associated with the book. This gives those reading the review an understanding of what to expect.

Not only these but several other aspects push back the ability of the impact a book review has. But, we must take a moment to appreciate those well-structured and wonderfully written book reviews that help in making informed decisions for readers, including me.