I love school…

By Aashish Krishnamurthy

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At 3 I started to go to school,
All I did then, was play in the pool,
Listen to stories and have fun, with
Kids at school.
At 6 I started grade one,
Primary school
Where I had friends none,
Classwork all done.
Back to bus, I would run.
Still school was fun..
At 9 I started grade four,
Middle school.
I am learning different sports,
And new form of arts .
Happy the day goes in a snap
and it’s time everybody claps,
For my wonderful poem of maps.
Love every day to go to school…
Glad that I have teachers and friends very cool..
Who not only taught me to get better grades
But also taught me to laugh and smile.
Completed reading the books in a pile,
Never know when we crossed the mile .
And reached the day the year ends with medals and results in high percentile.
Love every day to go to school.