My Favourite

By R.jeyaprakash

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My favorite is the one who never won any awards
Not a familiar person, great personality, or a scholar
But, she is my all-time favorite I feel blessed to honor her!

She is my calendar because she designs my day!
She is my pet cock, wakes me up every day!
She is my nutritionist, gives me yummy and healthy food
She is my doctor 24X7, she cares for me when I’m unwell
She is my mentor, teaches me every day!

I wonder how one can be all, yes, she is….
Either I win or lose her smile at me never change.
Sometimes she makes me cry but I never hate her
Because she lives for me!

God’s beautiful creation is she, why I say this?
Because she is the one bare all the pain, to give birth
of me to this world, she lost her nutrition, health,
her fairness everything but she never care for that when I’m with her .
She always treats me as a Prince, either I’m looking good or not
She cuddles me and say “My beautiful Prince”.

I do not exist without her, she taught me to talk, walk, sing
dance, learn everything I need… Oh! God, you send her to raise me
as you can’t? As a slave every day she nurtures me.
How beautiful and great the mothers are!

No one can be heartily favorite other than their Mom
My favorite is the right choice because all moms are angels with no wings…
they are the kids’ first mentor, guide, speech therapist, friend, foe, and all…
Because they are everything to their kids…
I love you, mom….