My Favourite Person

By K Sana Aadhira

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Writing a poem is a craft
I am making a draft
Putting the words in a cart
To touch my favourite person’s heart

Before I reveal who, he is,
Get to know more about him!

He takes good care of me,
He teaches me how to study
He works for my family

He is my superhero
He is the rainbow in my sky
He is a lovely gift to me
He is The God to me

The morning when he drops me off,
I give him a kiss.
If he is not there in the Evening,
I will Miss!

He will hug me when I am Right,
In return will give me a doughnut to bite.

He will make me laugh when I am sad,
I will go mad when he is sad

He takes all my problems away,
He Brings happiness right away.

He prevents me from being hurt,
If hurt, he treats me fast.

His favourite pet is a dog,
His favourite colour is black.
His favourite flower is rose,
His favourite car is Benz.
Between all of the above and me
What would he choose?

No doubt, he will only choose me
As I am his sunshine

No one can fill his space,
Everyone can only compete in the race

I will never leave his hand,
He will never leave my heart.
As he is my DAD,
I will stay with him forever