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We all have dreams. Dreams – to become a certain someone, have certain possessions (materialistic / spiritual), travel to coveted destinations, acquire some skill or to have quality time with self and family. Having these makes us happy. Is that only what they achieve? Well, certainly not.

They set wheels in motion, make us embark on a journey to make the dream a reality. They start a series of actions on an individual’s part which takes him / her closer to make the dream come to life.

A small girl watches her sister riding a bicycle. She too aspires to ride one day. The journey begins with her observing how the elder rides, trying to get on to the bicycle to get a feel, nudging the sister to take her piggybacking and asking the parents to take time to teach her to ride. All the above do not always make her fulfill her dream. Yet, the child pursues relentlessly till the time she learns riding and enjoys the thrills of it.

A high school student aspires to become a chef. He dabbles in the kitchen trying out new recipes, learns the traditional cooking methods, studies the science behind it, dishes out the recipes among friends & relatives to gauge responses and works on them. He doesn’t stop at it but studies hard to get to a culinary school of his choice. The happiness of donning the coveted head chef’s cap and dishing out food to customers is the realization of his dream of many years ago.

Wizkids too started with such a dream. A dream to provide a platform for kids to challenge themselves and identify their innate talents. What started out as a dream in 2020 has now become a family of thousands of kids showcasing their talents and getting recognition for it. It’s indeed a moment to cherish. Do we stop dreaming? Definitely not. Much remains to be done.

We aspire to be the go to digital platform for kids across the length and breadth of the country to showcase their uniqueness and creativity. Easier said than done. But we strongly believe that small steps and a continuous march along with our trusted stakeholders – the parents, we shall be able to achieve it.

One such small step is the launch of ALL INDIA KIDS PREMIERE LEAGUE, a uniquely structured contest for kids who want to test their readiness to face the world be it in oratory, analytical thinking, artistic skills or emotional intelligence. It’s an attempt to provide a level playing field to kids in metro, towns and villages and bring about healthy talent growth.

Kids Premiers League (KPL) is just the start. As we usher into 2023 the dream is getting bigger and better. The dream of becoming that one companion of every child in India who dreams to learn, acquire, imbibe and grow. There is no stopping now.

So come all let us forge ahead hand in hand and trudge along believing in our dream –

मैं अकेला ही चला था जानिब-ए-मंज़िल मगर

लोग साथ आते गए और कारवाँ बनता गया

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