Charlie and The Chocolate Factory By Roald Dahl Book review

By Anis Khety

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Charlie and the chocolate factory is a children book written by a well known Author Roald Dahl. If you haven’t read any of his books this is the time to start!

Willy Wonka chocolate factory is opening!!

Only five lucky children will be allowed inside, winners are Augustus Gloop a very chubby boy whose entire world revolves around eating, Veruca salt a spoiled little child who always gets what she wants, violet Beauregarde who has a love for eating chewing gum, Mike Teavee whose life is television, and the heart of the story is our little Charlie Bucket, an honest and brave hearted boy who has seen and felt the worst all he needs is a bit of luck.

An amazing book to be read, it is guaranteed you will have a need for eating chocolate once read.

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