Biplob The Bumblebee

By Ayesha Mohammed

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This book was about?

This was a collection of vibrantly illustrated stories for children aged 4-9, that promises them to teach something different through lessons on friendship and science. The book was extremely colorful, attractive and the illustrations are amazing. Bumblee Bee is the main protagonist of these tales. The author uses this character to talk all about nature which includes topics such as climate change, environmental issues, sustainable development and so on. These endearing tales in an easy way teach children all these concepts.

I liked this book because –

This book explains simple topics like water harvesting, why plants are important for us etc. It also covers about how bugs and insects help us and successfully inculcates the importance of plant life, it also gives insights to life cycle of butterfly, concepts like why plastic is harmful, and more knowledge about solar energy, composting etc. Though all these topics are taught in the school curriculum but when they introduce topics of bugs, insects, water harvesting, farming etc. through stories, it opens up doors for discussion, imagination and creativity.

One should read this book because –

A must have book in your library! This is a wonderful read for both kids and adults. It teaches us about the goodness of nature around us. The author has built the stories beautifully as a bee hive. The complex concepts explained in simple manner not only makes us read and enjoy Biplob, but making us yearn for more.

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