AI In Everyday Life

By Sharvanth S

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“Artificial intelligence is the future and the future is here.” quoted by Dave Waters shows us how AI is constantly evolving and achieving the impossible. What is AI? AI or in other words knows as ‘Artificial intelligence’ involves programming a computer, a robot that is controlled by a computer, or software to think critically and creatively. Artificial Intelligence or for short ‘AI’ allows a robot to think like a human.

AI is found everywhere around us. Take for example your mother’s phone. You wouldn’t be able to unlock it without a password or a face ID, right? Your mother uses a face ID through which she is able to unlock her phone. This is possible because of AI. AI is an intelligent system which recognizes your mother’s face and hence, you couldn’t access the phone. AI is even present throughout your phones and apps as well. They intelligently observe what you like and what you don’t, and give recommendations to you based on what you prefer the most. This is how AI works.

AI plays a vital role in minimizing human error. It also plays a better job in doing repetitive and boring tasks. It is also available throughout the day, week or even throughout a year if there is proper maintenance. It needs no rest like what humans do. Though AI has a lot of advantages and capabilities, it also comes with its own set of disadvantages and cons. AI is very difficult and costly to implement. Though AI is designed to work like the human brain, it cannot replicate our creative thinking ideas. Though it is very fast and can do repetitive and boring jobs, it will take over most of the work done by humans, eventually leading to unemployment.

Many may think that AI was a recent invention, but it is not. It dates long back to 1936, when Alan Turing unveiled his Automatic Machine to the world. It stunned the world because his work was one of the first computers. People were inspired by his work and started working on AI programs. One of the first AI programs was created in the year 1951. It was written by Christopher Starchey.

AI is used in a number of locations as said before. Let us discuss about some here:

Virtual Assistant:

Another common use of AI is being a personal assistant. Most smartphones these days have in-built personal assistants powered by AI to make our lives much easier. Virtual Assistant can help in answering your queries, and providing recommendations, which can prove to be very helpful at times.

Google search:

AI is also being used to give relevant search results and personalized ads of your likings. AI can be run with the data we provide it. The data that it receives if from our searches, which is used by the AI to create personalized recommendations, ads, searches etc., according to what we like or what we are searching for.

Social Media:

After you open your phones, the first thing you scroll through is social media. As you would have guessed, your feeds are also being personalized by AI. Not only is it personalized to your liking, AI also has many other capabilities. AI in social media can also analyze and give you appropriate friend suggestions and also prevents cyberbullying.

Fighting against cyberattacks:

As mentioned above, AI also helps prevent cyberbullying with the help of cybersecurity. It helps in recognizing threats from cyberattacks and defends them on the data received. Common examples of cybersecurity are the anti-virus which is present in your computer. It is an AI which helps track harmful viruses and defends them from infiltrating and damaging the device.

Amazon/Flipkart or any other online shopping apps:

Online shopping uses the abilities of AI to monitor the like and dislike of the customer, and recommend the products that are most preferred to the customer as said before. Many apps and devices utilize the capabilities of AI. Online shopping apps give personalized recommendations from previous purchases and most recent searches, to promote their items and sell them.

There is also this popular theory about AI taking over the world. AI is constantly growing and evolving, reaching limits beyond human imagination and achieving the impossible. Some people think that the constant growth in the knowledge of AI can result in it taking over the world. It means that AI would become the most prominent, dominant and intelligent species in the world.

From this, we could learn what AI is, pros and cons about AI, uses of AI in everyday life and AI takeover. It goes to prove that AI should only be your servant under your control, not your master.

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