10 Ways To Become An Eco-hero

By Kudrat Sekhon

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A hero is someone who inspires people to do good while standing up for what is right. Here are 10 ways to become an ecological hero so that your actions motivate others to do their bit for the environment.

  • Conscious consumption: An eco-hero ensures that all resources, whether they are renewable or not, are used wisely as well as judiciously. To protect Earth’s resources, an eco-hero will make sure that nothing, from food to fuel, is wasted.
    Being considerate towards humans as well as towards animals is a conscious step towards nature conservation.
  • Become a planet advocate: An eco-hero will defend what is unjust. He would kindly ask someone not to litter or waste electricity by turning off unnecessary lights or fans and keep checking if someone is wasting water while brushing their teeth or keeping the tap on when not in use.
    Remember: An eco-hero does not have to be intrusive in other people’s lives and is always polite.
  • Promote hand-me-downs: Among many possessions, collecting old books, games, or clothes might be given to younger cousins or students in your class. This will demonstrate how useful recycling and reuse are.
    Also, objects have memories associated with them. Passing on your belongings can enable you to attach fond memories to objects and make it an enjoyable experience.
  • Raising awareness about other environmental heroes: To be an eco-hero, it is your duty to alert folks about those who are contributing to the environment. This will inspire people around you to study their activities and educate themselves as to what can be done at a micro level to save the environment.
    There are many NGOs that are working relentlessly to save the environment. Therefore, studying their efforts and course of action on a macro level can help you to be an eco-hero when you start at a micro level.
  • Lead by example: To be an eco-hero, you must lead by example by carrying out your responsibilities in a practical manner. Taking part in afforestation campaigns, raising awareness among your peers, and maintaining a clean environment around you are a few actions that will motivate others to imitate your actions.
    Fun Suggestion: Instead of distributing sweets on Diwali, you can cut old water bottles, turn them into pots, and gift saplings to your friends.
  • Monitor your carbon footprint: You may lessen your impact on the environment by turning off the air conditioner and disconnecting electronics when not in use. Numerous apps can assist you in monitoring your carbon footprint.
    Some of the ways of reducing your carbon footprint are taking your own bag to the market instead of buying a carry bag, minimizing your intake of non-vegetarian food, drying clothes in the sun instead of using a dryer.
  • Ride bikes: For running errands nearby riding bikes seems to be a more sensible option for an eco-hero instead of going in vehicles that run on petrol or diesel. Not only will it save fuel but will also cause less pollution and prove to be a more enjoyable option.
  • Respect animals: Animals play a vital role in maintaining our environment. Simple practices like keeping bowls of water for birds in summer, adopting as well as feeding stray animals, and being kind to them are some of the practices that you can adopt to be an eco-hero.
    Fun Fact: Marine animals can capture, eliminate, and store carbon dioxide from the Earth’s surface. For example, whales weighing up to 50 tons can store large quantities of carbon. Once contained, this carbon is trapped in the carcass, taken to the sea floor, and sealed off from the rest of the universe for eons. This phenomenon is termed Deadfall Carbon.
  • Avoid food wastage: Wasting food is a terrible habit. Worldwide, millions of people perish from famine. An eco-hero always watches how much food he consumes and will ask for a second helping if he feels like he needs more.
    Changes in one’s personal lifestyle are the first step towards bringing about change at the macro level. Such habits, if imbibed at a young age, can make a world of a difference in the way an individual leads his or her life when he or she grows up.
  • Take up gardening: By learning about plants, you can grow environmentally friendly plants. There is evidence that some plants, including Aloe Vera, English Ivy, and Snake Plants, among others, can lower indoor air pollution levels. Along with the Wallflower plant, Common Ivy, Neem trees have been shown to filter outdoor air.
    Fun Fact: Many child counselors suggest gardening as a therapy. Therefore, if inculcated at an early stage, this hobby can play a major role in the development of the personality of a human for the better.

Understanding the environment is crucial if we want to save it. An eco-hero will contribute and motivate others to work for a better planet through his deeds. It is not harmful to ask for assistance. Joining an NGO or forming a team to have a bigger impact is a good way to accomplish the aim because it will foster team spirit and turn it into an enjoyable activity.

Today more than ever , there is an urgent need for good samaritans to play their small parts in the bigger framework of being an eco conscious global community. Let’s embark upon this journey and become an ECO HERO for the greater good.

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