The World Of Poetry

By WKC Content Team

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Poems are intrinsic to mankind. From lullabies to kindergarten poems, from being kids to becoming senior citizens, they are a means to express, enjoy, cope, heal,  learn, and reminisce.

Reading, reciting, or composing poetry – each has its charm.

Children love all. What starts as a tool of learning and fun in the early stages of learning becomes a handy friend in the formative years. While all may not take a keen liking to all forms, many do enjoy it.

Composing poems is an art in itself. It allows the expression of the unspoken. Kids use poems as a medium to be heard. It is a hobby that may transform into a literary career or aid in gaining knowledge and confidence.

As we celebrate World Poetry Day in March, we present a few beautiful compositions of our wizkids. Let us dive into their world and enjoy the ride!