Books – Your child’s lifelong companion

By Geetanjali Padoshi

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Children grow up in a world where they enjoy themselves with family & friends, attend school, and learn the nitty-gritty of life. There exists a parallel world that is as vast and vibrant as their imagination.

This world is where the kids can be what they want to be, there are no rules, the principles of the real world hold no importance and time just swirls by. This is the world that allows them to dream, where everyday things come to life, where they conquer the world with the help of friends, where they do all daredevilry and most of all where there is no time limit to do things.

Any guesses on what this world could be – yes, the wonderful world of books.

It is our duty as their nurturers to ensure that we introduce them to this enchanting world where every word has the power to make them better humans.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss

Books are not mere means to learn and educate. They can do different roles of a guide, a friend, a teacher, a healer, an empathiser to name a few. What starts as a fun time with picture books during the toddler years can fructify into a lifelong relationship where the journey of learning continues. Books have the power to magically transform the kids’ world, to take them on voyages and faraway destinations both real and imaginary. They introduce them to new worlds where they experience joy, wonder, mystery, fear, thrill, adventures, sorrow, and much more.

How do books achieve this? I believe every word in a book or a picture is gifted with the power of storytelling. The stories not only entertain them but give valuable life lessons that unknowingly shape their very existence.

This vast world of books with its myriad of genres and varieties has something to offer to everyone. Just like we all are different in appearance, so is our reading pattern. One might like to read only fiction whereas the other might be interested in historical books. This affinity to a certain genre happens in the later stages of life.

Therefore it is of paramount importance that we introduce kids to a wide variety of books in the early years of their lives. At a younger age, their reading habits are like an empty canvas. Every book that they read would create its design on the canvas in the form of an imprint.

Nurturing the habit of reading cannot be a one-day or a monthly exercise. It should be a carefully planned process that is meticulously done by the parent to introduce the child to this enchanting world where one relates to things at his / her own pace.

With the uncontrollable explosion of digital devices and online reading modes, physical books provide a haven for kids’ minds where they can imbibe ideas and thoughts, contemplate upon them, and immerse themselves without distractions of any kind.

Today’s parents know the inseparability of their kids’ learning curve and technological aids. This however does not mean that kids cannot be diverted towards the world of physical books. It might be an uphill task today but not an impossible one.

As they grow they are shaped into individual personality molds that in turn are influenced by family values, societal milieu, and cultural nuances. A reading habit would positively impact this individual metamorphosis. How? Well, it makes them open to ideas, more receptive, and imaginative, and have the belief that anything is possible.

Be it the world of The Ugly Duckling, Panchtantra Tales, The World of Hogwarts, or the wonderful mysteries of Agatha Christie – each one is waiting with open arms to welcome these young curious minds and take them into a different realm altogether.

A book is the only place in which you can examine a fragile thought without breaking it, or explore an explosive idea without fear it will go off in your face.” – Edward P. Morgan

Let us take them to the opening gates of this world and encourage them to take the plunge and explore. Agree?