The Maze Of Bones

By Aryaa Sridar

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Warm greetings to all!

Books are a uniquely portable magic – Stephen King

Books are enjoyed, savoured, or rather devoured by people of all ages. But there are so many genres and flavours of books. In the midst of all these varieties, mystery stands out as the most popular theme of choice.
What I have for you is a brilliant, edge-of-the-seat adventure mystery – 39 Clues #1 – The maze of bones – An incredible and amazing book that can take you to places that you have never been before, instigate deep curiosity, and the urge to flip those pages.

The Cahills are the world’s most powerful family. Everyone from Napoleon to Houdini are related to them, yet their family power is lost because of some perplexing reason.

In this first book – The maze of bones, in the series of 39 clues, just minutes before her death, Grace Cahill, the grandmother of Dan and Amy changes her will and leaves her relatives to face a great dilemma – accept 1 million Dollars or chase a clue leading to the most dangerous life-threatening treasure hunt expanding across the globe leading to the source of their family power.

And now, the hunt is on. Young, but brilliant Amy and Dan must decide what is more important – hunting for clues to reveal the secret or accept the one million dollars, a truly entertaining ride.

The author of this book, the first in the series is, Rick Riordan. He is one of the bestselling authors and is well known for other books like Percy Jackson, Apollo’s trail etc., and he surely doesn’t fail to satisfy.

I loved reading this book – for the clues were very intriguing, exciting and adventurous. It kept my brain stimulating and saved me from boredom. I did not want to put the book down even for a second and I grabbed the next book in the series immediately. That’s how interesting and spectacular it was. I did not miss out on suggesting this fabulous read to all my classmates at school, and without doubt, they loved it.

If you are really looking for an adventurous, mystery and suspense book, then I would say, go for it. Your mind will be blown away and you will not be disappointed.

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