The Importance of reading

By Himanshu Nimbhorkar

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“A child who reads will be an adult who thinks.” This 10 word proverb conveys something very profound, something that even a page long essay wouldn’t be able to. The precision here in itself makes this an excellently written minimalistic piece on the art of reading. It’s a cycle. It becomes far too important a habit if one is even a tiny bit interested in writing as an artform. Needless to say the list of countless pros which come tagged along could just go on and on.

Keeping the precision of the proverb we begin with in mind, let’s dive deep into how this beautiful habit of reading rewards us in ways we can’t even imagine. Before we begin with the finite list of advantages of reading and how it helps us from an all round perspective, it is important to understand that the ways in which the habit of reading helps an individual largely varies from person to person depending on many different aspects. But for now we would try to understand what are the very basic building blocks which lay the foundation for us to build upon as a reader.

– Helps us explore writing as a medium of storytelling

It goes without saying. If you aspire to be a writer, by default developing a habit of reading is the starting point for the journey. The more you get acquainted with the artform, the better you understand it. And nothing could help you do that better than the habit of reading. You explore one classic piece of writing after the other and it would open newer unexplored horizons for you to become better equipped and more aware writer from an all round perspective.

– Contributes to our intellectual growth

Literature happens to be one of the oldest and the most respected professions. To be more specific, it can even be called a way of life. We have all learnt almost all of the things that today we are aware of across all walks of life through some or the other kind of text. We read, we think, we learn, we grow. Our intellectual capacity widens. Our mental strength to understand and interpret the world we live in grows manifold.

– Helps us master language

Reading helps us master language. Language happens to be a major medium of communication today. So in the larger scheme of things we end up becoming better communicators. Our vocabulary pool widens, we get introduced to newer linguistic elements which help us communicate better on a day to day basis.

– Helps us in expression

It becomes extremely important for us to understand ourselves. Reading helps us do that. The more we read, the better we are prepared to express ourselves. Our emotional understanding slowly and steadily becomes precise and clear. We start seeking comfort in books and the world within. It largely helps us in manifestation and expression.

– Helps us understand the world we live in

Books bridge the gap created by cultural, geographical, historical and social barriers. Through fictional as well as non-fictional literature, we understand the world we inhabit in a more crystal clear manner. It’s practically impossible to explore every single thing existing in this world or which existed centuries back, may it be something materialistic or just something thought and ideology driven. But it’s still possible to explore it virtually since it is all archived in the form of books, and more importantly it has all been preserved for centuries after centuries through text.

– Acts as a mental exercise

The way we exercise for our physical growth and betterment, similarly even our mind needs one such exercise. As we read we subconsciously make our mind work. The system within becomes more polished and starts working like a well oiled machine. It prepares us to become better versions of ourselves mentally.

– Acts as a therapy

Picking up a book leaves behind all of your worries. And needless to say even children might have their own set of problems to deal with. Spending some time reading on a routine basis will set your mind free. It will calm you down. You would feel as if you have immersed yourself in a beautiful imaginary slowed down version of your own little world.

– Helps us explore our own distinct voice

Books help us identify our own likings. These likings, preferences and tastes go beyond literature and become a part of our life. It just becomes an extended version of our personality. We start identifying and exploring our inner selves. Irrespective of whether you want to be an artist or not, exploring your own voice is a highly satisfactory feeling and is also extremely vital for an individual’s growth.

The earlier one starts reading, the greater impact it’s going to have on an individual. After a point the process of reading will start feeling effortless. You will seek comfort in those pages, in those words, you will find a new home to reside. A book is like a companion, a close friend who champions you and helps you grow in life from an all round perspective. Time to befriend one and many!

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