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By WKC Content Team

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All you need is a spark of creativity to get started. Your ideas will begin to bloom once you’ve done so.

These are thoughts of Sharvanth, a 13-year-old student of SSM Senior Secondary School, Chennai. At this young age he is the author of 3 books, a Josh Talk Tamil Speaker, an India Book of Records Holder for “youngest to write adventures of a detective” and Content writer.

His reading journey began at the tender age of seven when he received a few volumes of books on soldiers from an acquaintance. His affinity and curiosity about the subject were further kindled by these. Encouraged by his mother he started reading classics and novels. This also helped him in taking the first steps towards his writing career.

He published his first book “The Abysmal Thief and Other Stories” at the age of 11 years, followed by “The Devious Person” at 12 years old and “The Magical Blitz” at 13.

The first book contains seven short stories as well as two fables. It has seven stories that follow Rohan, a charming private detective, on his adventures and 2 fables. The second book “The Devious Person’ is a fiction novel. The third book “The Magical Blitz” is a sequel to the detective stories.

Sharvanth has not limited himself to the art of writing only. He has been interviewing many young Achievers and chronicling their achievements through his articles. He has also been an active participant in many other varied formats like short film making, storytelling, article writing, essay writing, coding et al and shown exemplary performance in all.

He has won many prestigious awards for his literary talent. A few prominent ones are –

  1. Felicitate by His excellency Governor RN Ravi for his achievements on his writings
  2. Young Achiever’s award from Naturals Salons and Spa
  3. State level Competition wins for story telling & essay writing
  4. Guest Speaker at Josh Talk Tamil –
  5. Featured in Eenadu newspaper
  6. Interview with Thanthi TV –

Sharvanth believes in “Hard Work Never Fails”. His foray into writing has taught him many things like –

  1. Every journey to success has both ups and downs.
  2. Reading opens your mind and unleashes your potential.
  3. Not age but limitations of the mind are a deterrent.
  4. There is always room for improvement and development.

Sharvanth’s writing journey can be a stimulant for many kids who have a flair for writing. The sheer passion exuded by this young achiever lets us know that “If u believe in self, work incessantly to achieve a goal, success is the outcome”

We hope Sharvath’s journey gives rise to many such young achievers in the future.

Links to Sharvanth’s Books on Flipkart & Amazon –

use this link to purchase the kindle version of the book The Abysmal Thief and Other Stories

use this link to purchase the kindle version of the book

use this link to purchase the kindle version of the book The Magical Blitz

Flipkart Links. Devious Person The Abysmal Thief and Other Stories The Magical Blitz

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