Pursuing Passion

By Kokila Gupta

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A sad life is when something is amiss within a person while he lives on collecting riches.

You must have come across this phrase, ‘Follow Your Passion’, at least a million times in social media platforms, or must have heard it from school college podiums and must have read it in newspaper and magazine articles.

However, slightly contrary to popular belief, it is not something entirely to be discovered, but can be developed too.

The German word for passion is ‘Leidenschaft’ meaning “the ability to bear” (hardship) and in Hindi it’s translated as ‘Utsah’ or zeal.

So, though it is fortunate to identify your interests and passion at an early age and work towards them, the idea of passion is to be passionate about life itself.

To be passionate about everything you do, you are given to do or you are expected to do. Identify, Choose and Follow is the mantra, but not always, and in such situations, we must reverse the ‘ do what you love’ to ‘ love what we do’ and see the magic unfold.

The magic of unlocking our own potential, the magic of joy in tackling obstacles, the magic of loving every bit of the process, and watching the output emerge.

Passion is never about comfort or an easy life, it’s always about finding joy in discomfort, it’s a feeling when work is happiness, when you feel happy that night has ended and a new day has begun, with a new set of tasks waiting for you.

One – Identify your Passion

And write it down. Be conscious that these activities should be those you would love to pursue even if you are not good at these and even if you can’t earn a livelihood from these.

Second – Set a Goal

Set a measurable goal of let’s say one year or a Bachelor’s degree in getting skilled at these. Thus, find ways to learn so that your passion can pay well too.

Third – Evaluate Resources and Plan

Research about how to hone your natural inclination or inborn talent to be a professional in that field, for example – my passion was reading literature, writing poetry and teaching life science, so I evaluated my resources and decided to get trained to be a science lecturer, as I had the Best literary guidance available at my own home… Had I chosen vice versa, I could have been a Literature teacher, but I wouldn’t be able to grasp Anatomy and dissect animals at home without supervision.

Fourth – Act

After the research and planning, be quick to Act on these plans because you’d find that over the course of time, as your knowledge and understanding grows, your plans, inclinations might change, evolve. You might have started off with a passion for painting in acrylics, but while studying painting, you might discover a love for teaching and rather than becoming a painter yourself you steer to be a Professor of Acrylics!

Eh bien, voila! You are going to have a school/ college job AND a personal studio too!

But you won’t be able to find this unless you ACT, hence it’s the most important part of the entire Pursuing Your Passion phrase.

Remember, that action provides you the opportunity to fail, and start again, or start afresh …

As Marie Forleo said,

You can’t find your passion thinking about it in your head”.

But if there’s no action, you’d end up fine-tuning your plans without ever knowing if you really wanted those plans in the first place.

So, just do all things with love, with passion, with joy. Stay excited.

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