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By Ebina Cordelia

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Wizkidzcarnival is a beautiful platform to showcase your child’s creative spirit. Recently my child’s story was published in a magazine. Having a child who loves writing is a great thing. If you want to nurture your child’s writing interest, follow Wizkidscarnival. From prose to poetry, fiction to nonfiction, painting to oration, they have a plethora of magazines. As I flipped through the magazine, I was awestruck by the little creative minds. The team is super helpful & offers guidelines for the work to be published. So, if you want your kids to don their creative hats, follow Wizkidscarnival & let your child’s creative work get a way into their magazine.

Wizkids’ newspaper is a brainchild of the magazine. It accommodates short & crispy 2-minute reads. I started reading this newspaper as they are “nuggets “to your creative mind. It is a good read for kids. The content is well-designed and easy to understand. The content of the newspaper is apt for all ages of children. It’s so colorful and eye-catching that children cannot resist exploring the whole newspaper. The design of the newspaper is visually appealing.

It is a very interactive and engaging newspaper. It is an ever-growing magazine in content and layout. The stories the children showcase show that the team is very much in touch with contemporary challenges and the atmosphere around our kids.

I would firmly stay up to date with Wizkidscarnival. The way they are enhancing the content and thoughts is marvelous. Keep Rocking.

My son is an ardent lover of books. I feel that reading books alone will not help improve their vocabulary. They need to express themselves articulately. Wizkidscarnival offers competitions like Master Orator, Tell Your Tale, Recite It, Show and Tell, and Color Wizards helps them express their creative selves. I encourage him to participate in as many competitions as possible. Winning feat was never our priority but bringing out the writer, performer, and the Lil creative master in him was ours.

Ina nutshell,
Transcribe all the disjointed thoughts, arrange them into a list of appropriate categories, put them in a nutshell, and say it is Wizkidscarnival!

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