New Beginnings

By WKC Content Team

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The sun rising in the east, birds chirping early in the morning, a flower bud blooming, sleepy kids getting ready for school, frantic parents setting up everything before starting for the office, teenagers scrambling to get into the class before the professor. All these seemingly unrelated activities have one thing in common – the start of a new day, a new beginning. The pace , timing or means may vary; yet all are directed towards the common goal of starting afresh, anew.

The month of December ushers in a similar vibe. It’s the last month of the year. Kids look forward to the winter holidays, parents for a much needed respite in the form of a holiday or a simple “me – time”. Everyone is filled with excitement of some kind. Winter sets in with shorter days and longer nights. It seems even nature decides to take it slow.

While all look forward to celebrating the new year, one should also reminisce. About what one might ask. Well, about the good times & occasions celebrated over the last 12 months, revel in the happiness of accomplishing a goal, fondly remember the ones that left us, laugh out at the goof ups and fumbles, miss a beat for the lost out opportunities, learn from mistakes and feel good about new acquired possessions that may be materialistic or others.

Spending one’s time doing the above would be a waste some might say. We beg to differ. Taking time to do the aforementioned activities would help us judge how far we have come and where we should channelize our energy next. It would serve as a road map for our preparations for the future by knowing our strength and improvement areas. It would set a bar for us of what is easily achievable and how the bar can be further raised. It would help us to set realistic and achievable aims for our future. We would be better equipped to face the new challenges coming our way. While one might argue that it can be done at any time of the year: we all know resolutions are made only at the beginning of the year irrespective of the duration for which they are followed. 😊

For example kids enjoy winter break with full gusto so that they can start their preparations for the final exam with renewed vigor. Parents look forward to a holiday to rejuvenate themselves for embarking on a new journey of personal and / or professional goals.

Spending a little time to take stock and plan for the next won’t hurt right??

So let’s pause for a while to begin again, to take stock of our strengths and weaknesses, equip ourselves with a new resolve and walk on into the new year with head held high and eyes full of dreams.

We wish that all our readers do so and make the best of their time. Here’s wishing for a new beginning for all into 2023. A beginning that brings joy, happiness and accomplishment. A new start to long held plans, sidetracked projects and of course a healthy & meaningful life.


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