My Values

By Sachvir Singh Baidwan

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Values are essential for success. No person, community or nation can become successful and great without values. Our values make us a better human being. They make us trustworthy and loyal.

Loyalty towards our country and fellow human beings is essential. Helping fellow human beings, helping the elderly as well as helping animals are values for all. In this fast moving world, values are forgotten by many. The few who remember their values are, often,mocked . People who mock values are the reason why faith in humanity is lost.

Values given to us by our families and friends are our real wealth. These values are the greatest gifts anyone can get. My values were given to me by my family. My values teach me to be kind, loyal, trustworthy and reliable. I am proud to say that I believe in my values. Everyone around me trusts me and has faith in me. I am loyal towards my country and others around me. I aspire to live in a country where values are valued by all. I, along with many others, believe that values are essential in every human being.

My belief is that great values make up great personalities. Even in the Ramayana, Shravana Kumar, the great son, reminded us of our values and our duties towards our parents. The son, even while dying, remembered his thirsty parents and wanted to quench their thirst. Even the great Lord Rama remembered his values and followed his father’s wishes. Many of the folk tales of India also focus on our values.

Swami Vivekananda, a great political thinker, always remembered his values. To test him his mother asked him for a knife. She wanted to see if he would give the knife while holding the blade or the handle. She was impressed when he gave her the knife while holding the blade himself. This simple action tells us that he was ever ready to hurt himself if it meant that it would save others.

Our former President, the one who rose from zero to hero, President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam also followed many values like honesty, simplicity, self-discipline and kindness. He learnt all of these values and followed them. He even avoided all the luxuries even after becoming the President of India. By following his values he is an inspiration to everyone, be it poor or rich, young or old.

It is people like these who make me feel that life is worth living when we stand by our values.

Sachvir Singh Baidwan
St. John’s High School,
Sector-26, Chandigarh

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