My Travelogue

By Sharvanth S

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Holidays are very important parts of everyone’s life, be it a student or a working person. Everybody has the right to enjoy some time off from the dullness to restore and keep up with their wellbeing. Holidays assist us with doing precisely that. Other than that, holidays also permit us to finish all our forthcoming work. No place will you find an individual abhorring holidays. From a school going baby to your home assistants, everybody anticipates holidays and consider them to be an incredible chance to unwind and appreciate.

This article talks about one of the most interesting experiences of a holiday I had, exploring the stunning hills, wonderful location and various other aspects of Wayanad, located in God’s Own Country – Kerala. The various locations that I had visited in Wayanad had been extremely mind-blowing. Moreover, it was a wonderful location to escape from the heat of Chennai on such a summer day, as the weather was cold and soothing.

The first ever location that I had the pleasure of going to was the ‘Phantom Rock’. Located on the top of the hill, it allowed us to have a spectacular view of the entire city and beyond from above. The cold, refreshing zephyr that had passed over me when I was on top of the Phantom rock was one of the best experiences that I have ever had in my life.

The second place that I went to was the ‘900 Kandi’. This place essentially was the perfect spot for entertainment and adventures. Located at the top of a mountain, ‘900 Kandi’ was packed with fun-filled adventures and entertainment, which included stuff like rope-climbing, glass bridge and so on. Though the journey up the mountain was arduous, it was indeed worth it to explore and have fun at the top.

Whenever we have the chance of exploring hill stations, we never miss out on wildlife sanctuaries. ‘Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary’ was one of the other places that I had explored, which allowed me to admire the beauty of the various animals and nature that it possesses within.
Not only is exploring a particular location important, to learn about its history and how it has progressed is also quite a necessity. I had the opportunity to go to the ‘Edakkal Caves’ , located very far on top of a mountain which can be accessed only by foot. It contains inscriptions and carvings of animals, peoples and so on from thousands and thousands of years ago.

To finish it all off, I went to the ‘Kanthanpara waterfalls’, a wonderful location if you are expecting a relaxing bath after a tiring day. The cold waters, combined with the sound of the rushing water and the bird chirpings around had given a wonderful finish to my wonderful trip to Wayanad.

After the long journey, we decided to travel back to our very own place. On the way, we had the opportunity to visit ‘Mysore’. I was able to explore temples, churches, and other stunning monuments within the city.

On our final day, as we were heading back on our way to Chennai, we had another experience that flipped everything upside-down. We were halfway to Chennai when one of our tires got punctured. We were stranded in the middle of nowhere, almost about 11 am and barely with any help. Luckily, the necessities that were required to change the tyres were within the car, but it didn’t help. However hard we had tried, we couldn’t get to change the tire. As we were about to give up, a few passer-bys had come to help, which fastened up the process and helped us return home safely. Though it was indeed a completely unexpected incident, the humanity that still prevails helped us reach back home safely.

Overall, it was one of my most favorite, most enjoyable vacations of all time. I would forever cherish the wonderful moments that I had, with my family, meeting new people and places and so on.

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