My School Teacher

By Ayana Goush

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When I started going to school
I was frightened to see the rules
There was a teacher told my mother
Who would guide and make things smoother
I was prepared for the day
But was thinking what to say
As I entered into my new class
Teacher came and held me from mass
She smiled at me and made me sit
On a bench where I could fit
I kept my bag and looked everywhere
To check what was happening here and there
That day I learnt a lot about dance
I did a little holding her hands
We read a story from the book
It was about Robin Hood
My fear for the school was vanished
And I was very astonished
With the flow of time
I was learning lessons for a lifetime
Teachers are the best guide
Who are always by our side
They always help us grow
And make us more and more to know