Journey to The Centre of The Earth

By Medini Padoshi

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The book is penned down by Jules Gabriel Verne in 1828. JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH is filled with an amazing sense of mystery and suspense. It involves secrets, deciphering codes, mysterious messages and many more that add up to a very interesting case. The journey takes place as the two protagonists of the story, travel to the beautiful place of Iceland.

They are Professor Liedenbrock and his nephew Axel. The professor discovers a certain script in Iceland. This leads to him deciphering the exact region where exists a hidden passage leading straight to the CENTRE OF THE EARTH.

The story is surrounded with twists and turns and scenarios that are unfathomable. It completely transcends the reader into the plot itself, allowing them to use their imaginative skills to read it further. One such plot twist is – the nephew, Axel discovering the truth of the mystery but keeping it from Professor Liedenbrock!

It also educates the reader about the great values of being patient, curious, having a sense of responsibility amongst others. Its also teaches us about the use of common sense in all walks of life.

The author has created a magnificent book that transforms our surroundings into scenes of the story and makes us thoroughly enjoy it. JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH has also been adapted into many movies as well as series in science fiction genre.

I strongly recommend this book to all who are interested in exploring the unknown. They would deeply enjoy this masterpiece.

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