Inspiring Walls

By Ujjawal Dhanda

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Presuming you are a member of this planet and you might have some dreams to follow, let the Walls be the one to hearten your dream. Fundamentally, walls are to support roofs, floors and ceilings, but the secret aspect of these walls is to metamorphose your dreams into plans.

Everybody has posters at their home, pasted on colourful walls with glue mixed with invaluable desires. Wall doesn’t mind it. If you are a fan of God, nature, animals, plants or other stuff, you put them on the walls. When you wake up, you see a quote written on a wall that motivates you to start your day and boost up your confidence to conquer your dream.

Walls are not only meant for dreams but also for delivering a stimulation of your “beautiful” dream. It gives you a thought of a dream which is your intense passion and conveys that “in passion there is no desire of wanting something out of it”. Yes, it does make sense. People with messy walls, are the true passionate souls of their dreams.

Dreams should neither be modified nor be altered. They should be an original version of your thoughts. One might get inspired by others, yet your dreams should be unique to you. You might derail from your dream but you will never forget your dream.

While you work to execute the dream, put the final version on your walls as a constant remembrance of a task yet to be done.

The power of inspiring walls cannot be emphasized more than the example of James LeBron. As a young boy his inspiration was World Star Michael Jordan. His posters adorned the young athlete’s room’s walls and motivated him to be the best in his field.

Walls don’t allow your dream to flow like a river. As the river finally ends up in the ocean, it becomes brine and becomes bitter. Instead, it tries to become the well of your dream. Just like a well gives you fresh and sweet water, walls can always bring out some invaluable ideas.

Always remember, dreams are only meant to pursue with meticulous planning and not to be grabbed at without any plans. I believe, walls don’t need appreciation, it’s their work to do. But don’t forget the quintessence of it, otherwise your dreams zips by, so grab them and put them up on the walls. They would be very happy to serve you in any case!

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