How pets change our lives

By Akila Jayshankar

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Can you have a companion who showers you with unconditional love? I guess so; if you have a 4-legged friend, irrespective of whether you have had one already or if it’s your first one, it is one of the most joyful experiences…

Covid was at its peak when my daughter, a single child, started pestering us for a Puppy.

It was a huge responsibility, a Commitment to take amidst a lot. She was relentless. We decided to ask a friend to bring home a 2-month-old Lab. The minute the little pup and my daughter met, it was like they had known each other for years; he held onto her dress and never let go; How could we say NO to that little fur ball running around so happily in our home…That’s how he came home; she named him CASHEW.

The first 3 months were sleepless nights. It was like having a newborn…. But the positive side to it was that when there was so much negativity and sadness during that time, we, as a family, were in a Cashew world. He kept us all super busy. We had no time to think!!!! We were busy trying to save our Furniture, Socks and Towels, shoes, and even hairbands. Even the switchboards were not spared! We baby-proofed the whole house!!!!

He is 2 years now, a lot calmer, and a charmer with all age groups. He just makes them feel special, and all he asks in return are Belly rubs n non-stop playtime…He deals with all of us differently.

His Akka(sister) is his partner in crime, and he is her best friend who knows ALL her secrets. Most of all he is her Morning Alarm, wakes her up showering her with kisses…even on weekends 😊

He is even a part of my daughter’s friend group. He falls under the “Annoying younger sibling category” when they get together. He wants to know what they are up to!!

He is quite a well-behaved boy and guards his grandma when his parents are not around.

His Appa is his Master – No one is allowed to love him more than him 😊

With his Amma, she is his constant! She must always be around to take care of him!!

Over the last 2 years, we as a family have had some changes in our lifestyle; we have become a very disciplined family, waking up early even during weekends, and going on long walks together. Any animal we see we tend to empathize with them. My daughter says they all look like Cashew. She has so much empathy toward all pets and the Elderly. Somewhere she connects them…We are not allowed to speak loudly or have arguments that upset him.

He is a part of everything we do…There is always a positive Vibe at home. Somewhere he is a godsend. When you see his innocent eyes, you see so much love, filling your heart with happiness. To all the kiddos pestering their parents to get a pet Go get one. It’s a responsibility that needs to be shared with the Parents. It’s an experience, but it’s also a commitment …… They say Dogs do speak and love you unconditionally, but only to those who know how to listen and reciprocate …

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