How Humans Took over the World

By Sharvanth S

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One of the books that I found really amusing was ‘How Humans took over the world’, written by Yuval Noah Harrai, known to be the author of the bestselling – ‘Sapiens’. Essentially, this book talks about the evolution of humans, about how we started our lives as one of the numerous animals, progressing our way towards becoming the strongest creatures on the planet to ever exist. Though we humans aren’t strong as Lions, nor we can swim like whales, and we definitely can’t fly like birds, we have advanced to becoming the most intelligent creature on the planet. We were weak on most aspects, but the book thoroughly goes through into how we found out our potential to end up ruling all landforms and oceans around the world.

Humans have gone through a variety of experiences in order to become the strongest among all the animals around the world. As clearly mentioned in the book, one of the main aspects that led us towards becoming the strongest animals on the planet, was our ability to be united. “United we stand, divided we fall” is a wonderful quote that can be expressed with the evolution of our ancestors. With the help of sharing stories with one another, we managed to stay united and work together for the betterment of our own species.

This book is a wonderful gateway towards exploring our own ancestors in a highly enjoyable way, with illustrations, fascinating facts and so on. Moreover, this book is highly enjoyable for young readers, allowing them to explore the most important story of all, in an extremely simplified and interactive way.

Kindly make sure to check out the book! Thanks for reading!

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