Green Noise and It’s Effect

By Kudrat Sekhon

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The most beautiful musical instruments can be found in nature. The renditions are more dominated by the lower frequencies, which gives them a calming and tranquil character. When white noise is at a certain frequency, it is known as “green noise”. This noise is defined as an “ambient noise in nature.”

The homogeneous distribution of energy across the frequency range that characterises green noise makes it special. These sound profiles closely resemble the background noise found in a natural setting. Green noise is gaining immense popularity among the urban population at a very fast pace because it can be downloaded on your phones and one does not have to take a day off to be close to nature.

There are many ways in which natural music can aid our mental as well as our physical well-being:

  • Enhances quality sleep: If you live in an urban area and do not have access to any natural retreat, green noise can be very helpful. It can induce sleep as it masks other unnecessary ambient sounds and helps you to relax.If you have sleep disorders or if you are not able to sleep because of anxiety, green noise can be very helpful as it promotes production of delta brain waves which are associated with deep and a sound sleep.
  • Starting the day early: If you wake up when the sun rises and continue this practice for a long time, you will notice that your body changes for the better. Nature has a wonderful alarm clock for us in the form of a rooster.By waking up as early as the rooster, you will stay more active, and feel fresh during the day. However, for those residing in urban areas, petting a rooster is not possible, so playing green noise before going to bed can help you sleep on time and wake up without feeling groggy.
  • Improves relaxation: Certain natural sounds like the rhythmic chirping of birds, waves crashing ashore, raindrops falling on a tin roof and so on have a deep impact on our mind.Woodland sounds are the most effective sounds as they reduce the fight-and-flight response in the body also called sympathetic response and increase the parasympathetic response which is also called the rest-digest response.
  • Meditative quality: Slow moving water is another great example of green noise. There are many natural sounds that have a low pitch. Moving water, for instance, can induce sleep in a person and make him feel more at ease than any other natural sound.Whenever you go to any meditation centre, you will notice that sound of moving water is played more often than ever. Green noise has a positive impact on our autonomic nervous system which maintains our heart rate, and keeps our blood pressure stable. This will also enable you to meditate properly and concentrate on your senses in a better fashion.
  • Works as an excellent mood booster: Ever since the pandemic hit us, the stress level among the general population has been on a rise. With our fast-paced lifestyles and unhealthy diet, our psychological health has taken a hit. By exposing yourself to the right kind of music, we can work on our attitudes towards life.Listening to natural sounds can divert our attention from trivial things in life, reduce our stress hormones and even frame a positive mindset.
  • Allows proper psychological development: You can live a healthy life if you can get enough sleep, practise meditation, and even keep a good outlook on things. You will be able to unwind much more effectively if you take frequent brief pauses while studying and listen to the appropriate sounds.By adopting this simple habit, you will realise that you will be a different person altogether. People around you will also feel the difference and you will be a very psychologically safe as well as a secure person who cannot be perturbed easily by anything.

Nature has a direct impact on our mental and physical health. Since music is an inherent part of nature, it has proven to be helpful in generating positive emotions and enhancing our concentration. Neuroscientists have proven time and again that music can improve our behaviour and health. While taking a break from studies, you can listen to your own Spotify playlist or even download such sounds on Apple music, so that you can start the relaxation process without any delay.

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