Down the memory lane of 2023

By Sharvanth S

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The year 2023 has been an impressive showcase of technological strides and remarkable projects. Despite the challenges of the lockdown, most communities have made a strong recovery.

At the end of the year, most teenagers are mixed with a cloud of emotions. The transition from one year to the next isn’t just a change in dates; it’s a marker of growth, change, and the passing of time.

As a teenager, I’ve found this year to be the shortest yet. It feels like months have sped by in the blink of an eye. It’s baffling, prompting me to sit down and devise a plan to figure out why this year has felt so incredibly brief.

To start, stepping into 9th grade marked a significant shift. New concepts in my grade 9 textbooks represented a considerable leap from 8th grade. I adapted quickly and dedicated most of my time to studying. However, I don’t think merely diving into school books caused time to pass by so swiftly, so that’s a theory I’ll set aside.

Another notion I’ve considered is that my time spent with friends, family, and relatives might have played a major role. I strongly believe that connecting with them, sharing emotions and thoughts, might have contributed to this sense of time slipping away. There could be other factors, but this feels significant to me.

Interestingly, I discovered that many others share this feeling. When I asked friends, their responses mirrored mine—they, too, felt that the year whizzed by. None of us could quite put our finger on why, but it seemed to be a shared experience.

I believe that teenagers like us had more opportunities this year to come together, strengthen bonds with friends and family, much like I did. Among us, there have been memorable moments—some joyful, some transformative. Personally, I’ve achieved new milestones and experienced personal growth.

Most teens are eagerly anticipating the new year. There’s an undeniable buzz about what’s to come—the chance to set new resolutions and personal goals.

Year endings also bring nostalgia. Generally, I miss all the fun we have had the past year which couldn’t be regained in the next one. Missing your friends as they shift onto a different school, your relatives as they shift onto different places. I miss the fun I had together as the years moved on.

Most teens, like me, have started evaluating what significant things that we have done this year. When most teens look back, some could have positive insights, and some negative. This is when we start promising ourselves that we’ll make the next year count starting from day 1 with new resolutions and promises to oneself. Hope we make it through.

One funny incident that I would like to reflect on is when I made a resolution in 2022, to write a diary every year. I got through the first year alright, but my year 2023 dairy still has half of its pages empty and I have completely forgotten to start it again.

For most teens, amidst the sense of various emotions, there can also be a sense of uncertainty. They may not know what’s about to come, and the end of the year might stir up their thoughts on what’s to come. It’s the time that teens should be brave and face all uncertainties that is to come in their future.

Basically, everyone is mellowed down by the end of the year as they enjoy the winter season. The upcoming festive holidays and the beginning of the new year brings excitement to a number of youths.

The end of the year isn’t merely the sum of 365 days; it’s a complex blend of emotions—joy, gratitude, uncertainty, and hope. For teenagers, it’s a rollercoaster ride of feelings, a time for reflection, celebration, and perhaps a few nervous moments thrown in.

This year has truly been eventful for me, and I’m genuinely excited about what the upcoming year holds. It’s an entirely new, fresh chapter that I’m going to indulge myself in, and I’m genuinely excited about what’s awaiting me next year. For the upcoming new year, my resolution would indeed be to continue my passion of reading and writing and go on to read more and more, all the while putting my best effort into publishing my upcoming books.