Book Review – Stories for Rebel Girls

By Soundarya Rana

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Author : Elena Favilli & Francesca Cavallo

Book Name : Stories for Rebel Girls

Stories for Rebel Girls is a wonderful book that displays the equality and rights of women throughout the years. It contains stories of doctors and athletes, artists and lawyers, explorers and rulers. The compilation beautifully displays the adventures of courageous, fearless ladies of our times and conveys their tales timelessly.

The book contains the fabulous tales of a hundred rebels, fighting against governments, racism, patriarchy, and glass ceilings. It talks about the general position of women in society and how they fought to break through the social barriers.

Stories for Rebel Girls speaks about famous personalities such as Michelle Obama, Ada Lovelace, Mary Kom, and Jessica Watson, and thought-provokingly describes the hardships they faced to achieve their successes. Each page is a new adventure into the real-life achievements of extraordinary women, from Elizabeth I to Maya Angelou, who refused to be silenced.

To a young reader like me, this book is very inspiring. It makes me think of a world where gender does not define your worth. These women rebelled for a cause, to make their mark in the world, and to remove the obstacles for future generations. The intricate and attractive illustrations add life to the tales and make the book eye-catching. Each lady is depicted in a full-page, colored portrait which captures their rebel spirit.

I would recommend Stories for Rebel Girls to girls of all ages. It is bound to be an interesting read for whoever picks it up.
The authors of this book have conveyed a beautiful message to the readers :

“Dream bigger. Aim higher. Fight harder.
And, when in doubt, remember
You are right.”