Book Review – Frozen

By Shaina Joseph

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Hello friends! I’m Shaina. I’m 8 Years old and I bought this book on my 5th birthday to date, it’s one of my favorite books! Being a big fan of Princess Elsa (the queen with magical powers) I choose this book to travel through time to a frozen adventure!

Who is the author/publisher of this book?
It’s a very pretty book published by Disney Books

What is this book about?
This book is about the two famous sisters Elsa and Anna, their hilarious accomplice Olaf (the snowman, and the sweet Kristoff. It’s a wonderful collection of adventures and stories beyond the script of the movie filled with Disney Magic!

What do I like about the book?
The book has loads and loads of colorful pictures. The illustrations are wonderful! The storyline is easy to follow. I love that there is nothing ‘evil/scary’ in this storybook. Its pages have a silver edge which makes it look beautiful! The pictures and storyline bring out the magic of Arendelle alive! A perfect bedtime read.

Why should one read this book?
This book is a perfect treat for Frozen fans! It takes you through a fulfilled ride of enchanting stories and teaches young minds the importance of sibling love, that no one is perfect and there is power in being different (i.e. being yourself). It fosters values of friendship, compassion, and loyalty through strong messages also the fact that “there are things worth melting for”…. 😊
Happy reading!