Before We Say Goodbye by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

By S.R.Adithya

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Funiculi Funicula is a magical cafe that allows people to time travel to the past, reunite with their loved ones, and make amends. Yeah, yeah its sounds very magical. But the journey comes with risks and rules. The risks follow as the travellers must have visited the cafe and must return to the present before the coffee goes cold.

Monji Kadokura, an archaeologist and professor, was always away from home with his wife and kids. Suddenly, his wife goes into a vegetative state while he is away, but he has one last thing to say her. Sunao Hikita is a woman who couldn’t say farewell to her dog in his last moments and is living with regret and agony, so she returns to the past to say goodbye. Hikari Ishimori couldn’t answer a wedding proposal, and she still lives with bitterness as she couldn’t answer, so she wanted to go back to the past to give an answer to his proposal and say goodbye for the last time. Mikiko Kijimoto deserted her father and left home to study in Tokyo six years ago. But her father unfortunately died after she drove him away.  So she wants to apologise to her father about everything, which is why she wants to return to the past.

Dead people receive more flowers than the living because regret is stronger than gratitude. This quote was written by Anne Frank. The reason I quoted it was that we take everything for granted; we never realise it until it’s gone. We take people and their memories for granted and they’re gone, and you’re still there with their memories. You can grieve or cope with it, but don’t live with sorrow until you die. Even if you get to spend 5 minutes with them, be happy. Don’t live with the regret of not getting to spend more time with them. Make it meaningful. Don’t be sad about the people you lost. Be sad about the people you’re going to lose. I really enjoyed this book before we say goodbye. I learned a lesson about not taking death as a joke and spending time with your loved ones. It was pretty convincing for me that your life doesn’t end when your beloved ones are gone. It’s okay to be happy.