Congratulations to Winners of the Lexicon
- KPL Season 2 Level 2 Slot 7 Intra-school Challenge!

The Wizkids qualified to Level 2 of the All India KPL
shall be intimated on Email and also intimated by the school by 13th Jan 24!

*Please note that the judges’ decision is final and no queries will be entertained on this!

Color Wizards - KPL

Age Group 6-8 Years 9-11 Years
1st medal1st Prize Nishika Budhwar
2nd medal2nd Prize Prajyot Patil
3rd medal3rd Prize
Honorable Mention Manan Sumeet Bhat | Agnidaksha B Nair

Tell Ur Tale - KPL

Age Group 9-11 Years 12-15 Years
1st medal1st Prize Saara Seta Aarav Bhavsar

Dance Wizards - KPL

Age Group 6-8 Years
1st medal1st Prize Iniya

Handwriting Champs - KPL

Age Group 6-8 Years 9-11 Years
1st medal1st Prize Maira Hemant Gurav Kriti Nair
2nd medal2nd Prize Agnidaksha B Nair Saara Seta
3rd medal3rd Prize Kashish Prasad

Next Steps

  • Step 1

    Digital Certificate to be uploaded
    in WKC user accounts by Jan 18, 2024

  • Step 2

    Medals and certificates to be sent in 10-15 days
    Jan 22, 2024

  • Step 3

    Magazine will be published on
    website on Jan 29, 2024