• Theme – Collage Activity using paper bits
    Create a collage artwork by decorating any one of the below mentioned National symbols using paperbits –
    1. National Flag
    2. National Flower
    3. National tree
  • The child can decorate the remaining space on the paper using paper bits too.
  • Points to remember:
    1. Parents can help the child in making the bits, but the collage activity of sticking the bits on the chosen theme is to be done by the child only. One can add other elements creatively using only collage technique only.
    2. The elements too have to be decorated using paper bits only.
    3. Parents can help the child to draw or take a print out for collage making.
  • Submission Format –
    1. A clear pic of the collage work
    2. A time lapse video of the child creating thecollage work.