• Theme – Choose any one of the given products.
    Dress up like it and talk about the product, its features or
    recreate the advertisement of any brand of the product
    using its jingle / slogan / song.
    1. Bathing Soap
    2. Pencil
    3. Toothpaste
  • You can enact the advertisement of the product as seen on television
  • You can also choose to create your own imaginary product from the given themes and talk about its features or slogan.
  • Language – English / Hindi
  • Time Limit – 1-3 min
  • Submission Format – Video of story narration
  • Please remember –
    1. Do not rent or buy expensive costumes for the contest. You can dress up the child using easily available materials at home.
    2. Do not pressurize the child to learn the complete advertisement / jingle / song if its difficult to do so. Let the child perform freely and enjoy the activity